Incorporate a GK godo kaisha

Incorporate a GK godo kaisha Japanese LLC company.

Many Japanese are unaware of godo kaishas (GKs), even though Apple, Amazon, and many other well-known US companies do business in Japan as GKs for US tax reasons (a GK godo kaisha is a ‘check the box’ pass-through entity for US tax purposes).

Venture Japan’s Japanese GK godo kaisha company incorporation service packages each include the same premium benefits:

  • All services provided in English.
  • Appointment of an Incorporator.
  • Executive Manager’s Resolution (in Japanese and English).
  • Articles of Incorporation (in Japanese and English).
  • Executive Manager’s Letter of Acceptance (in Japanese and English).
  • Registered hardwood corporate seal.
  • Notarization of the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Payment of government filing fees and stamp-duty.
  • Filing the incorporation documents at the Legal Affairs Bureau closest to the GK godo kaisha’s registered address.
  • Receipt of the new GK godo kaisha’s Certificate of Registration and representative seal registration card (the Ministry of Justice usually issues these documents 10 business days after the incorporation date).
  • Notification to the Bank of Japan of direct inbound investment (needed before incorporation for certain regulated industries).
  • The new company’s registrations with the national and local tax offices (needed within 60 days to make sure it receives “Blue Form” status).