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Keep making profits year after year

If you want to succeed doing business in Japan and make your Japanese business add 30% or more to your global profits in 3 years or less, then Venture Japan can help you get there.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Virtual Japanese Office - this is a fully outsourced Japanese business package providing you with a very focused and effective local presence in the Japanese market. The first phase is to create a strategy for your Japanese business (as detailed in our Japanese market entry services section) after which we proceed to establish the appropriate local entity and provide you with:
    • a full time bilingual sales team recruited specifically for your target market, reporting directly to you, carrying your corporate business cards and 100% devoted to your product,
    • a dedicated telephone number answered with your company name,
    • a 'your_company.jp' domain and fully translated and optimized Web site hosted on a dedicated secure Windows Server 2003 (or Linux if you prefer) server integrated and synchronized with your head-office domain (as appropriate),
    • direct 24/7 VPN access to your 'your_company.jp' domain server,
    • full integration with your head-office corporate sales management and F&A systems,
    • full localization of your corporate brand identity, sales, marketing and product materials,
    • an extremely tax-efficient flow of profits back to your head-office.
  • Affiliate Japanese Office - this is basically the same as the Virtual Japanese Office except that the sales team will also promote other clients' products (but never a competing product).
The cost of these packages is tailored according to a client's specific situation; both packages are priced on a monthly fee plus commission basis and we may accept equity in part payment of fees. Either package will be substantially more cash efficient than starting a full subsidiary or selling through a distributor and will generate higher and more consistent revenues. The Virtual Japanese Office (including staff) can also be structured to be naturally transitioned to your ownership as your confidence and understanding of the Japanese market increases.

Additionally, we offer:

  • executive search, recruitment and head hunter services with an emphasis on cost-effective and performance oriented individuals,
  • branch-office setup, nominee resident representative manager and accounting services,
  • yugen kaisha incorporation, nominee representative manager and accounting services,
  • tokutei mokuteki kaisha incorporation, nominee representative manager and accounting services,
  • kabushiki kaisha incorporation, resident representative director, nominee director and accounting services,
  • tokumei kumiai registration, nominee partner, managing partner and accounting services.

If you would like us to help you lay the foundations that will help you get to the point where your business in Japan is consistently generating 30% of your global profits, please contact us.



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Japanese business support

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