About Venture Japan

Venture Japan is a leading provider of bilingual Japanese market-entry and business support services. We started business in 2004 to satisfy client demand for services based on our founding beliefs that doing business in Japan need not be expensive, need not be complicated, and can be just as successful as business elsewhere.

Today, Venture Japan K.K. is a fully licensed Japanese company with JPY10,000,000 paid-in capital. We support numerous companies starting business in Japan and equally as many companies improving their established Japanese businesses. We succeed by providing our clients with cost-effective, intelligent, and proactive know-how and experience of Japanese business and the Japanese market. We do whatever it takes for our clients to succeed, even when that means we need to support billion-dollar infrastructure projects, in person, in hostile territory in the North Sahara!

Our many successes include closing million-dollar sales, resolving million-dollar cross-cultural conflicts, placing Japanese subsidiary executive teams for Fortune 500 companies, and growing existing Japanese businesses’ sales by up to 300% in 18-months.

Our business philosophy.

Unlike other Japanese market-entry and business service providers, we do not simply complete a Japanese market-entry feasibility study and then leave you to make it work. Instead, we work with you to create an agreed Japanese market-entry strategy and then actively support you, and will even do the entire job for you, to ensure your success. If your success means we need to go to the Sahara Desert then we will (and in the past, we have done just that!).

We usually discount our hourly services fees in consideration of profit sharing and are among the lowest of any full-service bilingual market-entry and business services provider in Tokyo. We operate a fully licensed recruitment agency, we don’t charge retainers, and our exclusive executive search success fees are the lowest of any full-service licensed recruitment agency or headhunter in Japan.

Other Japanese market-entry and business services providers are only interested in low-risk pre-entry feasibility studies, market analyses, and consulting for fixed hourly fees or for “comfortable” hourly-fees and commissions. Our confidence in our ability to succeed allows us to work for low hourly-fees and high commissions, meaning less risk for our clients.

We do business in Japan your way.

Many clients come to us after hearing “In Japan you must do it this way…”, “In Japan you can’t do it that way…”, “In Japan it takes much longer…” and similar excuses from other Japanese market-entry and bilingual business services providers, many of which have questionable business experience or understanding. We won’t give you “can’t do” excuses or reasons why things can’t be done: instead we focus on working with you to find ways things can be done and done profitably!

We can incorporate your Japanese company in a week, complete your first cosmetics or skincare import (including product import permits and managing customs clearing) in two months or less, search and hire your Japanese subsidiary’s core executive team in 6 weeks, and more. Our unique approach to starting and doing business in Japan integrates aggressive public relations, market awareness, direct marketing, and sales experience, to achieve fast business success. We don’t simply devise academic strategies, we work with you and for you to implement your Japanese business strategy as an integral part of your team.

Our contacts in your industry.

Our experience spans a range of industries including automotive, business process outsourcing, call-centers, construction, cosmetics and skincare, digital printing, engineering, financial services, gourmet foods and confectionery, infrastructure, IT, manufacturing, media, medical devices, online services, pet supplies, pharmaceuticals, software, systems integration,  sports, and more. We maintain relationships with leading publications, journalists, key opinion leaders, distributors and resellers in many of those industries.

We have collectively sold millions of dollars of products, and dealt with some of Japan’s largest companies, including: Benesse, Canon, Daimaru Department Store Group, Fujitsu, Fuji Xerox, Gakken, Hitachi, Hitachi Shipbuilders, Honda, Iwase Dental, Kajima, KO Dental, Komori Printing, Marubeni, Matsushita, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsukoshi Isetan Department Store Group, Morita, NEC, NTT Data, Nihon Unisys, Nippon Steel, Obayashi, Sanyo, Sharp, Softbank, Sony, Taisei, Takenaka, Toshiba, Toyo Engineering, Toyota, and Zuken.

Our Clients.

Your success is essential to ours and thus of the many companies that approach us each week, we only work with those that have an aggressive growth and results-oriented attitude and are willing to invest in their Japanese business success. If you are looking for a focused, determined, and successful entry to the Japanese market, then please contact us

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