Nominee representative manager services for Japanese branch-offices

Nominee representative manager service for Japanese branch-offices.

A Japanese branch-office must have a representative manager resident in Japan.

Outsourcing an experienced nominee representative manager for a Japanese branch-office might be the most cost-effective and least-risk route to ensuring your Japanese branch-office’s legal compliance. Our branch-office representative manager services include the following benefits:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in Japanese company management.
  • Accountable and responsible.
  • Enables enforceable corporate governance.
  • Avoids the need to make an inexperienced employee legally responsible for your Japanese business.
  • The relationship can be ended at any time, without cause or any damaging legal conflict, simply by giving 30-days notice.
  • Cost-effective monthly fees.
  • Supported by a full range of bilingual Japanese business support services.

Many companies appoint one of the Japanese branch-office’s employees as its representative manager, but such an appointment can carry significant risks. The representative manager can irrevocably bind the branch-office and its foreign head-office to unauthorized loans, leases, contracts, and other major transactions, and has unlimited access and control over the branch-office’s bank-accounts. Among less obvious risks, an inexperienced representative manager might inadvertently bind the branch-office and its foreign head-office to potentially undesirable and expensive labor practices and expenses and can expose it to damaging tax-audits and penalties if he or she does not sufficiently understand corporate financial transactions.

If your company is fortunate to have a stable and trustworthy employee with experience and knowledge of Japanese corporate law, and if your corporate governance allows, appoint him or her as the branch-office’s representative manager. If not, or if your corporate governance forbids appointing local employees to Board-level positions, then using an independent professional arm’s-length nominee branch-office representative manager service might be safest.

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