Venture Japan’s Privacy Policy


This online privacy policy (“Policy”) applies to your use of this website and Venture Japan K.K.’s (“Venture Japan”) online services (collectively “Services”) and describes what data Venture Japan collects and how it uses it. By using this website, you agree and accept the provisions of this Policy. If you disagree with any of the provisions described in this Policy then you must immediately stop using this website.

Information that Venture Japan collects.

Venture Japan’s server records certain information your browser sends to it when you browse this website, including: (1) the URL from which you came (the web page where you clicked a link to this website), (2) the public IP address (a unique internet address of the form nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn) of the computer you are using to browse this website, (3) the type, version number, and language of the browser you are using, (4) the search keywords you used (if you came from a search engine), (5) the page at which you entered this website and the date and time of such entry, (6) which pages you viewed on this website, (7) the page from which you exit this website, and, (8) how long you are browsing this website.

Use of collected information

Venture Japan uses the information it collects to analyze how you use this website and how Venture Japan can improve it for future visitors. Venture Japan does not collect or use information from you for any purposes other than those described in this Policy unless you consent in writing before such use. Venture Japan does not sell or otherwise trade the information it collects from this website to or with any third-party.

Use of ‘cookies’ or other tracking data placed on your device

Venture Japan uses Google Analytics to track your use of this website but does not use any cookies or other tracking data that other websites may have placed on your device before you visited this website. Depending on your browser settings, your browser may save copies of the pages you browsed on this website to a browser cache on your device and may have recorded the history of your time browsing this website. If you do not want other people to know you browsed this website then you must erase your browser cache and delete your browsing history after you finish browsing.

Use of Javascript and other ‘client-side’ code

Depending on your browser settings, your browser may run Javascript functions loaded by pages on this website. This website presently only uses Javascript to: (1) improve its layout, (2) to improve your browsing experience, and (3) to enable the resume upload, job profile upload, and contact forms. Except for the limited purposes of: (1) uploading your resume to Venture Japan’s Executive Search team, (2) uploading a job profile form to Venture Japan’s Executive Search team, or (3) contacting Venture Japan using the contact form, this website does not run Javascript or any other scripting language on your device to collect any personal data or information from you.

Links to other sites from this site

This Policy only applies to this website. Venture Japan is not responsible for and has no control over, the content of any websites that this website links to, and makes no promises or guarantees about the privacy policies of those sites.

Collection and use of your email address

Venture Japan only collects your email address from you for the limited purpose of contacting you if: (1) you upload your résumé to Venture Japan’s Executive Search team, (2) you upload a job profile form to Venture Japan’s Executive Search team, or (3) you contact Venture Japan using the contact form. In such cases, your email goes directly to an authorized recipient at Venture Japan and no record of your email address is kept on the webserver. Venture Japan only uses your email address to reply to you and to tell you of updates to this website and Venture Japan’s services. Venture Japan does not sell or otherwise trade your email address to or with any third-party.

Use of emails sent to Venture Japan and ownership of contents

Emails sent to Venture Japan typically fall into one of the following categories: (1) companies that want to hire Venture Japan to manage a Japanese company incorporation, provide bookkeeping or other accounting services, or to provide other bilingual business support, (2) students and researchers who want further information about doing business in Japan, and (3) persons or companies asking for help to enter the Japanese market. Venture Japan retains all emails sent to it in its corporate customer relations management (“CRM”) system so it can process enquiries, respond to requests, and tell you of updates to this website and to Venture Japan’s services. Venture Japan’s receipt of your email does not bind it to any form of confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement with you except for the limited agreement contained in this Policy not to publish or otherwise show your email address or other contact information to any third-party. All general enquiry emails or communications you send to Venture Japan, including communications sent to it through this website’s contact form, become Venture Japan’s property upon receipt. Venture Japan reserves the right to publish the contents of any such general enquiry emails or communications subject to changing your company name, personal name, and product or service names.

Changes to this Policy

Venture Japan can change this Policy from time to time without notice.


If you have any questions or concerns about Venture Japan’s collection or use of your information or wish to make it aware of specific personal information protection laws in your country, please contact Venture Japan or write to Venture Japan K.K., 3-52-5-302 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051, Japan.

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