Starting business in Japan?

Starting business in Japan?

June 26, 2019 23:17PM by , 212 views

In December 1991, I made my first business trip to Japan and was staggered by the differences to my native UK, especially the language and the energy.

In January 1993, I relocated to Tokyo and was staggered by the prices of everyday food in the supermarket close to my apartment (how many business travelers ever really look closely at menu prices on their travels?).

In February 1994, I was recruited to a lush company President position and was staggered by the salary I was earning.

In October 1996, I was part of a successful IPO on the US exchanges, but was staggered by how little my stock options were worth!

In March 2003, I finally gave-up on a very promising, but hopelessly underfunded, 3D software startup, and started to write a website, this website, and was staggered by how difficult it was.

In June 2019, I am at last publishing my first blog post, this post, and am staggered at how easy it is (even though I wrote much of the PHP code myself).

This blog is for random articles that don’t, at present, fit into the main “Doing Business in Japan” section of the website. There will be no comments section, at least not at first, but maybe we’ll add something in the future.

I hope the information in these posts will help you start your journey through Japanese business, which is maybe, just maybe, easier now than it was 26 years ago.

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